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streamlined system to realize fire barrier device  (for joints up to 10 cm)


JOINTOFIRE is a monocomponent polyurethan foam, resistant to high temperatures, that expand and harden according to ambient moisture.
Free from CFC and HCFC: ozone layer friendly.


Used to fill slits and fire barrier joints of doors, windows, cables and pipes passages.

Technical properties:

Free from CFC and HCFC.
Polymerization speed: 45' (surface)
Service temperature: from -50ºC to +120ºC
Cylinder volume: 700 ml.
Expanded material volume: up to 25 ÷ 30 litres.

Installation instructions:

The support has to be dry, clean and degreased.
Vigorously shake cylinders before each application. Remove cup and fin the pipe over the valve. To apply the product, keep the cylinder turned down and rule the flow with finger pressure on the tip. Fill the joint for half of its depth or anyway foe the thickness of REI certification. For very deep joints more subsequent layers have to be applied with an interval of approx 1 hour from one to the other.


JOINTOFIRE advantages

The simple filling with JOINTOFIRE foam gives to joints and slits fire barrier properties on every material in building.
Highly resistant to fire-spread, fumes, and gases. Perfectly adheres to beton, bricks and stones.
Combines insulation quality, sealing and dimensional stability. Easy application without need of specific tools.


To be used in ventilated rooms.
Don’t smoke during the application.
Protect eyes, wear gloves and working clothes.
The hardened foam can only be removed mechanically.
Protect from U.V. rays.

Storage and packaging:

Cylinders of 700 ml each.
Boxes of 12 pcs. each.
Storage: 9 months, in the original package closed and stored in vertical position.

JOINTOFIRE foam has been tested upon italian and foreign criteria and is supplied with certification upon Italian law in force.