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streamlined system to realize fire barrier device


NECSILFIRE is a neutral siliconic monocomponent elastomer for watertight joints, resistant to fire-spread, fumes, poison gases and water in case of fire

NECSILFIRE can adhere on the majority of materials normally utilized in building: glass, wood, aluminium, steel and beton. The excellent elasticity of the product makes it ideal for fire barrier joints without adherence loss deriving from structure movement.


Normally utilized to realize fire barrier for expansion joints, windows and doors and to realize sealing cables and pipes passage.

Technical properties:

Base: neutral siliconic elastomer
Colore: grey (on request, subject to quantities, white and stone)
Density: 1,45 g/cm³
Smoothing time: approx. 30'
Service temperature: from -50ºC to +120ºC
Film formation: approx. 30'
Elongation at break: 350%
Storage: 12 months in the original packaging in a dry ambient without humidity.


NECSILFIRE advantages

REI 180: Neopolene bead has to be used as joint bottom.
Excellent behaviour during fire spread.
NECSILFIRE is recognized from S.N.J.F. and can be applied, without primer, on beton, aluminium or glass. Fire retardants utilized in NECSILFIRE are free from halogen and isocyanide.

Installation instructions:

The support has to be dry, clean and degreased.
Metallic polishing of beton support.
Insert Neopolene as bottom joint, then place putty with gun.
Finally proceed to flatter the putty through a flat brush with mild detergent solution.


Cartridges of 310 ml.
Boxes of 20 cartridge each.

NECSILFIRE sealant has been tested upon Italian and Foreign criteria and is supplied with certification upon Italian law in force..


Please note : Wall or floor application must be explicitly specified in the order.



L = joint width
P = sealant thickness
bead ∅
10 10 15
20 10 30
30 20 40
40 30 50