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series  FA 12/...
expansion joints for facades, walls and ceilings (finished face solution)

These profiles are particularly fit for covering irregular joints with damaged corners.

Profile series FA 12/... are used indifferently for flat or corner expansion joints.

Profile Joint width
FA 12/500 75 40 (± 20)
FA 12/700 100 50 (± 25)
FA 12/900 150 100 (± 50)
FA 12/1300 200 120 (± 60)
FA 12/1400
(double insert)
250 180 (± 90)
FA 12/1800
(double insert)
350 200 (± 100)

Aluminium side plates with flexible insert for exterior and interior use, weather resistant.
Aluminium side plates with cellular neoprene sealing strips to compensate for unevenness in the masonry.

Standard colour grey
Special colours on request
(subject to min. quantitatives)
Production length 4 m

Special Properties:

  • Profile absorbs large movement (fold insert)
  • Profile absorbs settlements (insert is sliding within the metal profiles)
  • On request, the flexible insert is also available in one piece up to approx. 50 m max

Insert of profile FA 12/700
Insert of profile FA 12/900
Insert of profile
FA 12/1300
Insert of profile
FA 12/1400
Insert of profile
FA 12/1800


The surface on which side plates of aluminium profile will be placed must be smooth and free from contamination, so that, the side plates, provided with neoprene cellular strips, lie firmly on the base. Then profiles are aligned and fixed by screws and dowels (on both sides at distance of 30 cm).
If joints are on the inside of the building, it is sufficient to glue the profiles in place with our special adhesive (Kleber).
Screws are not necessary.
Always leave a gap of approx. 5 mm at the butt joints of the aluminium profiles.
After installation a permanently flexible sealing compound should be applied


to these gaps.
When flexible insert is longer than

8/10 m, it is necessary to fix this, to avoid sliding.