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the result of extensive research and long experience :
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expansion roofing joints  (especially suitable to absorb multi-directional movements)

Neoprene long wearing, weather resistant, temperature resistant (-30ºC to +120ºC), extensively resistant to oils, acids and bitumen.

Colour black

Joint width up to 120 mm

Total movement of profile ± 25 mm
(in every direction).

Special Properties:
Profile absorb movements in 3 directions.
Profile can be employed with bituminous sheets or sheets made of neoprene.
Vertical inside and outside corners can easily be produced with MIGUPREN Profile without the use of prefabricated intersections.
Complete systems of profiles with corner fittings, cross, and T-joints can be manufactured by us in the factory based on specific drawings.
MIGUPREN Profile can be rolled up without deformation and can thus be economically transported, stored and applied in long lengths. Vulcanization can be made even on site with specific tools.
The connection between profile and bituminous sheets has to be done with elastomeric heat bitumen.


Profiles can be applied both on roof as for underground parkings, roof garden or floors.
For every application, please ask for our technical advice.

Expansion joints require special care both in design and construction, particularly, if they are to seal the joint perfectly. First one must find out of kind, scope and frequency of the movements to be expected. The edges of the joint might displace themselves in one or all of the following directions, as showed in the following figures:



Vulcanization and welding:
Based on out experience, for the best outcome and the highest work economization, the vulcanization of the various portions of the profile have to be made in the factory. Only in exceptional cases the welding might be undertaken on site using a special hot press and mandatory behind our technical assistance.
T-shaped pieces, L-shaped pieces or cross special pieces require large molds and so have to be made in the factory.
The welding of the edges of the profile with bituminous membranes must be performed according to instructions of our Technical Department.

Test on load capacity:
Tests were made by FMPA Stuttgart on the durability of the bond between the bituminous layers and the corrugated jointing profile by means of break tests. The results of these tests have shown that the bond between the MIGUPREN elastomer compound and polymer. Bitumen layers can be so strong that any tensile stress is absorbed in the welded area of the polymer bitumen layer.
In the bonding area itself, the adhesion between the elastomer is almost entirely maintained.

Roll of Profile MIGUPREN 550