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series  FPG 90/... NI - MIGUTAN
expansion joints for floors «WATERTIGHT»
(particolarmente adatti per stabilimenti alimentari, ospedali, piscine ed in generale ove sia richiesto un elevato grado di igiene)

Aluminium side plates with aluminium mounting brackets, flexible sealing insert and 300 mm wide sealing sheets on both sides (AAS-sheet) made of quality MIGUFLEX, long wearing, weather resistant, temperature resistant (-30 ºC to +120 ºC). Resistant to salt, waste water and bitumen. The sealing AAS sheets have to be glued to bituminous sheets with elastomeric heat bitumen.
Those profile parts which are visible after installation are covered by caps of stainless steel, which are fixed by screws. These caps compress the flexible sealing insert and the sealing AAS sheets.

Production length:

Aluminium profiles and protection caps of stainless steel 4m
MIGUFLEX-AAS Sheets and MIGUFLEX Sealing insert up to 20m
Colour black

Special Properties:

  • Watertight construction with caps of stainless steel
  • MIGUFLEX central insert with smooth surface antibacterial and physiologically safe is interchangeable at any time.
  • The MIGUFLEX sealing insert and the AAS-sheets can be welded to angle-, T- and cross sections. On request complete systems can be prepared in factory. Exact site sizes must be given.
  • The aluminium profiles are totally covered by the MIGUFLEX-AAS Sheets and the stainless steel caps. There is no danger that the aluminium profiles will be destroyed by salt.
  • Rigid design can accept high loads.
  • Positive connection of production length aluminium profiles is obtained by staggering the joints in the individual aluminium profiles or using pins.
  • Profile is available on request for pedestrian traffic with metal cover sheet of stainless steel (profile AP 800)

Profiles of series FPG 90/... NI are also available for fitting adjacent to corners - types E2, E3, E4 and E5 (connection floor-wall, see detail)

Special considerations:
If watertightness is required, ends of horizontal runs of profile must be continued by upturned vertical profile sections.
Often there are special sections required like cross, angle and T-pieces, during parkings construction.
On site, these sections cannot be made in an accurate and economic way.
It is advisable to order factory made complete systems including all horizontal and vertical sections.
Our consultation as to applications and other recommendations are based on comprehensive research work and years of experience.

Load capacity:
Suitable for loads by vehicles (DIN 1072) from 60 kN up to 600 kN and fork lift trucks from 30 kN up to 130 kN, depending on installation height.
Load capacity is only guaranteed if installation instructions are followed scrupulously.
Profile has to be laid on a fresh mortar strip and fixed with anchor (chemical or MMS screws) according to the installation instructions.

Profile Joint width
Installation height

FPG 90/25 Ni * 60 20 (± 10) 95 222 25
FPG 90/45 Ni 211 46
FPG 90/60 Ni 222 62
FPG 90/80 Ni 81
FPG 90/95 Ni 97
FPG 90/115 Ni 117

*Version only for vertical application