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sodium bentonite based

Special Properties:
High swelling capability: approx 4 times original volume (dry)

Complete expansion is reached within 72 hours in a wet environment.

BENTOJOINT Profile’ is capable of going through numerous wet-dry cycle.

It represents a perfect filler for holes and unevenness of cast-in-place concrete.

Slits deriving from building settlements don’t compromise profile’s watertight performance

Profile’s watertight performance has been tested even with 30 m waterhead.

Quick and simple application through nails or gluing; junction head-head, without outing of one side on the other.

Main applications:
Concrete cold joints in below grade walls, construction joints for slab-on-grade, underground vaults, tunnels, water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, etc.

Terms of supply:
BENTOJOINT Profile with section 25x13 mm is supplied in carton boxes of 61,00 m (10 rolls of 6,10 m).
BENTOJOINT Profile with section 25x20 mm is supplied in carton boxes of 40,00 m (10 rolls of 4,00 m).

Bentojoint installation instructions

The surface on which the profile should be applied must be regular. When you want to leave the rough concrete for a better attack, area covered by the profile should still result flat, with a width 5 cm and in case of irregularities of the surface it must be be regularized.

After concrete casting execution the profile should be completely surrounded by concrete and with a side-filling of at least 5 cm (for concrete strength of 210 Kg/cm²).

Remove release paper, exposing the adhesive. BENTOJOINT roll ends are simply butted together. Proceed with mechanical fixing of the profile. Nails should be applied in the center of the profile at 300 mm centers.

Rain can cause only a modest expansion of the profile prior to its final pose. If a prolonged contact with water has caused the expansion of the profile, it is recommended to delay the execution of the concrete casting until the profile is dry and has contracted again.

Technical data:

Specific gravity 1.75 Kg/dmc
Softening point 100ºC
Application Temperature Range -18ºC to +80ºC
Service Temperature Range -40ºC to +110ºC
Tear Strength 31.5 Kg
Concrete adherence excellent
Joint subjected to a pressure of 3 atm no infiltration at all