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series  FP... 55/50
wide expansion joints (from 15 up to 45 cm) for floors in seismic areas

Aluminium side plates with perforated aluminium mounting brackets connected to a central aluminium plate.

Flexible insert made of high quality synthetic rubber, long wearing, weather resistant, temperature resistant (-30ºC to +120ºC), extensively resistant to oils, acids and bitumen.

Terms of supply:

Aluminium side plates:

Standard colour black, grey
Production length 4 m

Special Properties:

  • Reduced visible width of the profile due to the application of floor portion in between the two rubber insert, over the aluminium plate
  • Synthetic rubber insert replaceable at any time
  • Good fixing by perforated mounting brackets

Available in the corner version - type E4
Also available as version FP.../55/35, with installation height of 35mm.

Profile Joint width
Installation height
FP 245/55/50 150 44 (± 22) 126 466 50
FP 255/55/50 160 476
FP 395/55/50 200 517
FP 345/55/50 250 566
FP 395/55/50 300 616
FP 445/55/50 350 666
FP 495/55/50 400 716
FP 595/55/50 500 816

Load capacity:
Suitable for pedestrian traffic.
Load capacity is only guaranteed if installation instructions are followed scrupulously.

 FP 245/55/50
 for joint width of 15 cm

 FP 255/55/50
 for joint width of 16 cm

 FP 295/55/50
 for joint width of 20 cm

 FP 345/55/50
 for joint width of 25 cm

 FP 395/55/50
 for joint width of 30 cm


 FP 245/55/50
 for joint width of 25 cm



Profile has to be laid on fresh epoxy or PCC mortar.
The enticement layer has to be realized in order to respect the alignment between profile and finished floor superior line. After this first step profile’s wings have to be fixed through supplied screws.
It is very important to verify that profile is straight and perfectly levelled so that its superior corner can be at the same level of tiles or floor in general. Fixing has to be done in parallel on both profile’s sides each 30 cm.
Profile will work in the right way only if both wings are weel-fixed to the substrate.
Connection of production length profile is obtained by staggering the joints in the individual aluminium profile.
Insertion of central rubber part can be


helped using some water added with soap.
The central insert has to be installed starting from one end and a roller can help during this phase.

Don’t use a hammer as it could damage the profile.
Before central rubber insertion, it is very important to check brackets’ runners are free from dirt.