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solutions through Stafix connectors to transfer shear across joints

In most cases conventional dowelled or keyed joints can be replaced by joints incorporating Staifix shear connectors. These are move effective at transferring load and allowing movement to take place, easier to fix on site and a far more cost effective solution. Thay can be used for movement joints in floor slabs, and for replacing double columns and beams at structural movement joints. Applications in civil engineering include joints in bridge parapets, bridge abutments and diaphragm wall construction.



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staifix solutions

Staifix DSD

Staifix DSD

Staifix DSD

double dowel Staifix shear connectors

The STAIFIX range of double shear connectors offers many advantages over traditional single dowels. Every connector is formed by two parts: a dowel car and a sleeve component.
Installation is rapid and accurate without having to drill the formwork or concrete. Simple nailing of the sleeve copmponent to the formworkensures subsequent alignment with the dowel assembly. Correct alignment is fundamental to ensure effective movement.
All stainless steel construction ensures a high degree of corrosion resistance with no requirement for additional protection or maintenance.

Staifix DSD
Stafix DSD represents the original double dowel shear connection. It is formed by two parts: a double dowel car (male) and a sleeve component (female). The dowelmoven longitudinally within the sleeve (unidirectional movement). It is available in ten standard sizes and can transfer shear loads from ca. 20 kN up to over 950 kN.
The biggest connectors can be used across joints up to 60mm. In case of larger joints special dowels are available.
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Staifix DSDQ
Based on the Staifix DSD shear connector, the DSDQ range has an additional rectangular box section around the cylirndrical sleeve. Lateral movement or rotation (bidirectional movement) can take place within the rectangular sleeve. It is available in nine standard sizes and can trasnfer shear loads from ca. 30 kN up to over 950 kN.