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series  HR 50
joints for prefabricated panels

HR 50 - Horizontal joint

Mechanic sealing system of horizontal joints of prefabricated front panels (particularly fit for sandwich panels or with thin thickness).

This joint guarantees watertight, and with its particular section which recreates panel upstand, allows insulating material continuity, removing "thermic bridge" and condensation).

HR 50 jointing system consists of 2 elements:

  • 1 CNOH channel shape incorporated in panels at the prefabrication stage (as guide)

  • 1 HR 50 linking key placed in position on the building site during fixing panels (as proof screen)


This system eliminates use of sealants during works, and it is not necessary to assemble external scaffolds.


Special Properties:

  • Rigid special PVC, resistant and stable at 70ºC
  • Resistant to U.V. rays
  • Horizontal and corner linking pieces are made of Neoprene
  • Price is fixed during planning

Terms of supply:

Profiles are supplied in straight strips.

Production length 3 m
Colori light grey
(white is available on request, subject to min. quantities)

Installation instructions:
Installation instructions are similar to those of the P 71 profile.
Remove CNOH channel flexible yellow strip, verify that no impurities are there, so channel is ready lo receive HR 50 linking key.
HR 50 linking key is clipped into the channel.
In horizontal jointing of HR 50 linking key is used an horizontal linking piece (20 cm long) paying attention that the edge of profile could be hold in linking piece folding.
In the corners are used the same linking pieces, whether for internal or external corners.