Leading company in the area of expansion and break joints for the building sector, Joint's working philosophy is mirrored in the professionalism of its human resources and quality of products.

Customer satisfaction has been at the centre of our business for over 40 years that allows us a continuing technical development, responding successfully to the requiresments of modern type of construction.

A history of success

JOINT was estabilished in 1970, when the development of the building sector and joint technology started to require the highest commitment to quality both in products and solutions.
JOINT had an immediate impact on the market by pursuing the availability of their technical sector with the presence on construction sites and projects to identify the best possibile solutions.
As then and for over forty years, JOINT's contact with technical staff, through specific consultancy, leads to the choice of the optimum joint for the project in progress.
The customer service is perfected, now as then, through a trade and information sector, also directed abroad.

Advanced technologies, research and development

JOINT has always been committed to be ahead of its time in finding the best technological solutions.
To do this they used and still make use of important companies in Italy and in Europe, able to present solutions and products, proven and certified in accordance with the provided standards, advanced technology and quality.
Even with these companies, in most cases concerning a working relationship of more than ten years, in an atmosphere of mutual respect.