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series  ESF 10/... AL
contaction joints for heavy duty floors

Usage areas:
Factories, warehouses, airports, railway stations, shopping villages, fair pavilions, supermarkets. Expansion and contraction joints profile to prevent cracks on floor’s surface. For heavy duty floors to be used by fork lift trucks and pallet trucks.

Special Properties:

  • Small visible surface: only 10 mm.
  • High load capacity, stable configuration.
  • Good fixing by perforated mounting brackets.
  • Positive connection of production length profiles by staggering the joints in the individual aluminium profiles and/or by slide-in connecting pins.

Aluminium side plates with perforated aluminium mounting brackets.
Flexible insert made of cellular rubber.

Load capacity:
Fork lift trucks (DIN 1055) up to 130 kN.
Fork lift trucks and pallet trucks with tires made of solid plastic (polyamide, Vulkollan) with allowed axle load up to 65 N/mm.
Vehicles (DIN 1072) up to 600 kN.

Load capacity is only guaranteed if installation instructions are followed scrupulously.

Installation instructions:
A 10 mm thick joint filler strip must be placed between the aluminium mounting brackets. The height of joint filler depends on the overall height required, but it must be sufficient to ensure that the screed is completely separated at the joint locations. This strip also helps levelling the profile. The perforated legs of the profile are pressed into the first fresh layer of mortar or screed and levelled. Then more screed is applied.
Depending on the thickness of the floor finish (measured from top edge of profile) the profile must oversail the screed to suit.

Production length 4 m
Colour aluminium

Profile Joint width
total height
ESF 10/15 AL 10 4 (± 2) 10 77 15
ESF 10/25 AL 25
ESF 10/35 AL 25
ESF 10/40 AL 40
ESF 10/50 AL 50
ESF 10/60 AL 60