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Isolan insulated connectors for balconies

In applications such as balconies, where concrete slabs pass through the building envelope, a cold bridge is created that can result in significan heat loss.

The Isolan system is a structural component used to joint external concrete balconies to internal concrete floor slabs. It provides continuity to both the reinforcement and the thermal insulation of the wall protecting the building against the effects of cold bridging.


Standard Isolan systems, comprising rigid CFC-free polystyrene insulation and stainless steel shear reinforcement, suit most depths of cantilever and simply supported balconies.
The various systems allow the transfer of all loads in structural concrete i.e. movement, shear, compression and tension, and are suitable for straight runs and both interal and external corners.
Special configurations can be manufactures to suit specific project requirements including curved or stepped balconies.
In addition to balconies cast in-situ, Isolan systems can be used in precast balconies. For such applications, tension and compression bars must be scheduled and installed at the time of casting. Please contact our Technical Department for more information.


System Benefits
The Isolan system use conventional reinforcing bars to provide the tension and compression reinforcement. When compared to systems where this reinforcement is an integral component, the Isolan solution can provide substantial cost savings and can simplify specification, scheduling, transportation, handling and installation.

The Isolan system has a typical U-value of 0.3 W/m² K.



Isolan systems

Standard Isolan systems are available in five heights to suit differents depth of balcony i.e. 160, 180, 200, 220 and 240mm, and are supplied with stainless steel shear reinforcement. Tension and compression reinforcements have to be supplied by third-parties.

MV System
The MV system is used for the transfer movement and shear forces in cantilever balconies.

V System
The V system is used for the transfer of shear forces in simply supported balconies.

Special configurations
Isolan components can be individually adapted to suite specific applications. The stainless steel shear reinforcement can be supplied in a range of diameters and bent into other required shapes outside the polystyrene insulation element. The number of tubes can be modified and the standard height of the ISO-element can be increased. Systems can be manufactured for use in curved or stepped balconies. Please contact us with the details of specific applications.

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FD System
The FD system is used for the transfer of compression forces.

FZ System
The FZ system is used for the transfer of tensile forces.